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Zombie Train: Evacuation


Calling all zombie fans! The apocalypse is here, and the only escape is on the rails. Zombies and trains! What could go wrong?

This October, Zombie Train is back from the dead. The virus has spread, we're out of ammo, and rations are running low. Our only hope is Evacuation.

This brand new experience brings zombie fun, special effects, and theatrical interaction together for an onboard event unlike any other. 


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Providing a unique venue for family entertainment and excursions, the Sacramento RiverTrain offers year-round experiences sure to animate the kid in all of us. Click below for event dates, tickets, and boarding locations.

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Operating the 3rd oldest rail line in North America, the Sierra DinnerTrain meanders through the countryside, seemingly unspoiled by time. A choice location for a vast and abundant film legacy, this railroad hosts year-round experiences for train-lovers of all ages. Click below for event dates, tickets, and boarding locations.

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Originally built as a logging railroad in 1885, the Skunk Train travels 40 miles of railroad through California's quintessential redwood forests. In its 130th year of service you are invited to experience the Skunk Train in a whole new, undead way. Click below for event dates, tickets, and boarding locations.

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Zombie Train: Evacuation FAQs



Is this experience family friendly? 

Yes, children are welcome to ride. The show is family friendly uses comedic dialogue, but there will be several scenes where creepy zombies come through the cars and some children may get scared. We trust your discretion as to whether your child is prepared for slightly spooky zombie encounters.


Is the show scary? 

We have some scary zombies and there are a few surprises, however our show is family friendly and not intended to be overly scary or spooky. Our focus is to provide you with a fun & unique show.


What happens on the ride? 

Zombie Train offers a fun 40-minute train ride with a colorful cast of characters as our Zombie Train crew, a theatrical show, spooky zombies, and special effects aboard a moving train.


What are the special effects? 

The special effects aboard the train will involve smoke and flashing lights. If you have any health concerns with these effects we ask that you inform our staff during the reservation process, we can seat you away from the effects with advance notice. Please add a note to your online booking, or call our office at 800.866.1690 to request special seating. 


Will there be hordes of zombies? 

No. Train safety regulations limit the number of zombies on our trips. While there will be zombies onboard the train at times, most will be seen safely off the train in set performance pieces. We have a great cast, who are a mix of character driven survivors and zombies, and we think you’ll have a bunch of fun with them!




Hey Sacramento Actors...

Hey Sacramento Actors...

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